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The perpetual search for the next cream to reverse the effects of ageing or for those some who opt to go under the knife in a battle to combat fine lines, we ask– is there an alternative? Facial Massage is not a new concept, but it does work.

Isidora Peric, creator and master trainer at Fit Face, discovered face yoga as a healing tool primarily for herself. Struggling with mental health and potentially fatal infection of facial bones and tissues – referred to as facial cellulitis – in 2014, she made it her mission to learn as much as possible and then went on to share it with the world. Through her practice, Peric has discovered how much your face not only affects how people perceive you but also more importantly how you feel about yourself.

So, what exactly are facial exercises? These are complete facial workouts covering all the muscles of your face. The workouts are meant to effectively improve skin tone, elasticity, reduce fine lines and detoxify your skin. With over 50 muscles on the face that plays a key part in the ageing process, exercising and relaxing those muscles on a daily basis will allow you to maintain a youthful experience for many years to come.

On Repeat

How often should these exercises be practised to see results? “I always say the first six weeks are about learning the postures, after that you can incorporate 10 to 15 minutes three to four times a week or just combine it with your body workouts,” Peric explains. “If you can give an hour to your body, you should be able to give 10 minutes to your face, because it’s worth it.”


The five easy steps Peric recommends promise to work wonders your face, just like yoga and exercise does for your body.

face yoga

The Forehead Calmer

This prevents forehead wrinkles and alleviates stress and rejuvenates the face. Hold your forehead and keep your eyes wide open, simultaneously move them up and down for about 30 seconds. Do this three times. This movement will teach your forehead to remain calm while you express yourself. Preferably do this in the morning.

The Cheek Builder

This exercise lifts the cheekbones, neck and muscles around the mouth and neck. Move your lips together in a firm pout, and push outwards. Hold for at least 30 seconds and repeat three times. This will define your cheekbones in days.

The Cheek Lift

The perfect addition to the cheek builder, this movement helps to further increase circulation and give you that inner glow. Place one arm over your head and use your fingertips to massage and lift the cheek area. Keep your shoulders straight. Massage for 10 seconds on each side. Do this at least twice.

The Neck Toner

This will lift the neck and define the jawline. Put your bottom teeth in front of top teeth. Place your tongue on the roof of your mouth behind your teeth. Lookup (until you you’re your neck is outstretched) and press hard as you can with your tongue. Hold for 30 seconds and do this three times.

The Frown Line Eraser

This movement will target the two lines between the eyebrows and instruct your forehead to relax. This exercise is better done with a sculptor, but if you don’t have one use your index and middle finger. Place the sculptor between the eyebrows and gently glide towards the hairline. Only apply pressure upwards.

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