Princess Rajwa’s love affair with red depicts more than just her favourite colour, let’s decode.

Princess Rajwa of Jordan is known for her elegant yet modern approach to fashion. A true millennial royal, she seamlessly blends high-end pieces with high-street finds, creating a signature style that’s both laid-back and impactful. But one element stands out consistently in her wardrobe: the color red.

Audrey Hepburn said, there’s a shade of red for every woman – Princess Rajwa’s sartorial choices prove that there’s more than one shade for her.

Why red is her signature colour

Red has become Princess Rajwa’s power colour, a vibrant choice that reflects her personality and resonates with colour theory in fashion. Colour theory explores how colors interact, creating visually harmonious or contrasting effects. Red, for instance, sits opposite green on the colour wheel, making them complementary colors. Putting them together creates a bold and eye-catching combination.

How colours project emotions

Princess Rajwa’s affinity for red goes beyond visual impact. In psychology, red is often associated with passion, energy,and joy. This aligns perfectly with how the Princess utilizes the colour. She’s donned variations of red for significant moments of happiness, from her pregnancy announcement to her 30th birthday. By choosing red for these occasions, Princess Rajwa isn’t just making a fashion statement; she’s visually expressing her emotions.

Take a look at some of our favourite red outfits worn by Princess Rajwa:

The concept of a “power colour” extends beyond royalty. Understanding colour theory and how different colours affect us can be a powerful tool for anyone. Our favorite colours can reveal underlying aspects of our personality. For example, a fondness for blue might indicate a desire for calmness and peace, while a love for yellow could suggest optimism and creativity.

Next time you reach for an outfit, consider the message you want to convey. Think about the colours that naturally draw you in and what they might say about you. Like Princess Rajwa, you can leverage colour theory to not only look stylish but also express yourself authentically through fashion.

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Feature Image: Instagram: @rhcjo