After eight weeks of gruelling workouts, buckets of sweat and copious grunting, my fitness challenge with Smart Fitness, and elite trainer Jon Ashwood, came to an end. While tired and slightly broken, the end was bitter sweet.


I thought I would be delighted by the time my eight-week programme came to an end, however I felt sad to leave the group which I had become so fond of – you can’t go two months pushing your very limits without forming some bond. Also, Jon, through his persistence, had finally made me truly appreciate the benefits of cleaning eating and putting 100 per cent effort into workouts – it really does get results, it’s not fancy trainer talk.


A mixture of juicing and soups, however a few days in New York saw me cheat – cheese and ham snacks. Though being intolerant to dairy I later suffered – karma.



Two 750m runs around the lake

Smart trainer drills

4 x 200m assisted runs

Four 750m runs

Fri: Fitness tests from week one

I was 17 seconds faster on my 750m lake run, lasted longer in the beep test and achieved three more rounds in my get-ups challenge.

Extras: Spin class

It wasn’t just my fitness that improved…

Measurements Before After
Chest 34.5in 32.75in
Arm 9.5in 9.25in
Waist 29in 27.5in
Hips 31.5in 30.5in
Leg 20in 20in
Body Fat 20.7% 18.7%
Visceral Fat (fat around the organs) 51.4% 41.3%
Weight 57.5kg 55kg
Before (left) and After (right) the eight-week course

Before (left) and After (right) the eight-week course


Before (left) and After (right) the eight-week course

Before (left) and After (right) the eight-week course


Synergy programme costs Dhs3,000 and includes a two-month membership at Smart Fitness gym, including classes. For more information visit Smart Fitness, Cluster M, HDS Business Centre, JLT, (04) 4385055.

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The awesome Synergy Elite group

The awesome Synergy Elite group