Not my best week during the eight-week training challenge on the 360 Synergy Elite course with Smart Fitness . Find out why…


Just as I predicted that after 10 days of juicing I would lose weight – heck, I could finally fit in my skinny jeans without leaving track marks on my stomach – I knew the weight would creep back on once I resumed eating ‘solids’. Despite eating clean – I followed the diet rigidly, although Jon refused to believe me – I gained weight and fat. Here are the results.

Measurements Before Week Three Week Five
Chest 34.5in 34.25in 33.75in
Arm 9.5in 9.5in 9.5in
Waist 29in 27in 28in
Hips 31.5in 31.25in 30.75in
Leg 20in 19.5in 19.75in
Body Fat 20.7% 18.4% 19.2%
Visceral Fat (fat around the organs) 51.4% 39.6% 41.9%







I was upset when I received the results, as I knew, aside from the odd work event where I may have had a few drinks, I was training hard and was being disciplined with my food. However, the good thing about the programme is that it made me realise that the diet needed to be tweaked, especially with my IBS issues – three nights of pasta clearly doesn’t work for my body type.


I was weighed on Monday and by Wednesday night, after a gruelling session, I was eating at Gaucho. As one of my favourite restaurants I didn’t hold back – chorizo starter, monkfish and chorizo main, dark chocolate and port for dessert, all washed down by more wine. What can I say, I’m an emotional eater. Friday saw me eat dinner at a friend’s – a delicious three-course extravaganza.

However, feeling guilty I detoxed with three-and-a-half days of juicing.


Mon: Synergy HIIT session (try it yourself):

Partner lateral mirror drill (two rounds)

Treadmill partner tabatas (20 seconds sprint on 10 seconds rest)

20 reps

Smart toner press

Smart toner row

Smart toner woodchop

Repeat three rounds 

Tues: TRX Core power (try it yourself):

Treadmill hill sprints 30 secs on 10 off (five sets)

15 reps

TRX chest press

TRX rows

TRX single squats

TRX drive bomber

TRX pike

Repeat three times

Fri: A tough ViPR session comprising of side lunges, squats and lifts working the quads, calves, glutes, biceps, triceps and obliques. Basically the whole body was pushed to the limit, and just when we thought we couldn’t do anymore we had sprinting intervals. Three 200m sprints, three times.

Extra: Full Moon Yoga and a 12-minute interval run on the treadmill.

360 Synergy programme costs Dhs3,000 and includes a two-month membership at Smart Fitness gym, including classes. For more information, visit Smart Fitness, Cluster M, HDS Business Centre, JLT, (04) 4385055

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