After much juicing, many smoothies and way too many days feeling like I was going to vomit after hardcore workouts, week three of my eight-week training programme on the 360 Synergy Elite course with Smart Fitness was my judgement week, for this was the week I found out my results.


Before Jon took my measurements and weight I had to make a confession to the man whose motto is “you get what you put in”. My sin was breaking my diet, drinking on numerous nights and a decadent weekend at the Seychelles. It’s fair to say we were equally as nervous when I stepped on the scales.  However, to our great surprise there was no need. Somehow I had managed to go down in body fat. Here are the results so far:

Measurements Before After
Chest 34.5in 34.25in
Arm 9.5in 9.5in
Waist 29in 27in
Hips 31.5in 31.25in
Leg 20in 19.5in
Body Fat 20.7% 18.4%
Visceral Fat (fat around the organs) 51.4% 39.6%



While ecstatic about my results I was apprehensive. For the first 10 days of my diet I did more juicing than was recommended – I made up for the day I cheated. So, I was nervous that going back on regular solids would see me gain weight and fat. Jon is adamant it won’t happen but I can’t help but worry.

In week three we were given a new diet plan but first Jon made us take a questionnaire  to see whether we suit a carb- or protein-based diet. Turns out I’m in between – what is known as a mixed type – which means my diet should have this ratio:

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 10.23.56 AM 

Regardless of our ‘type’ the entire group is told to avoid gluten. Jon said: “Most people will lose weight immediately if they do this.”

While following the diet plan, Jon asked us to make note of how we felt after each day. With each day alternating between being more carb- or protein-heavy we were able to listen to our bodies and feel the difference. “Everyone is different so adjust the intake of protein, carbohydrates and fat to your type and you may stop tiredness, soreness, mood swings and digestion problems. This should be done only on the main meals for example breakfast, lunch and dinner,” advised Jon. “Cravings are a sign that your body is lacking in something. With the nutrition plan, fine-tuning is key to getting you what your body wants and needs.”

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 10.34.01 AM

*please note all meal plans come with specific recipes. To get the recipes you need to sign up to one of the  Synergy programmes*


Mon: Literally the hardest session I have ever done. I have never been so close to vomiting on a treadmill.

Jon put us through a series of circuits in which we concentrated heavily on the legs (think back-to-back one-minute rounds of squats and squat burpees) and then the upper body (countless press ups and superman positions). This was followed by more leg and arm work using a VIPr.

Just when we thought we could have a break Jon had us on the treadmills for a spot of high intensity interval training (HIIT) – 20-second sprints on an incline of one per cent, followed by 10-second rest. We did this eight times!

Weds: Here is an edited version of our TRX Power Workout:

 Round 1 

TRX Sumo Squat

TRX Squat to Row

TRX Hinge

Kettlebell swing ( 2 handed)

Sand bag clean

10 burpees

(45 secs on each exercise)

 Round 2

TRX power squats

TRX overhead squats

TRX Pikes

Kettlebell single arm swing

Sand bag clean and press

10 burpees 

(45 secs on each exercise)

We ended by seeing how fast we run 1k in. I managed 4.34minutes.

Fri: A series of ViPR and smart toner circuits with 15 second rests – Jon did say the exercises would get harder.

Extra: A 3k marina jog plus 60 sit-ups, as well a HIIT regime on the treadmill (incline of one per cent and sprinting for 45 seconds, resting for 10, for a total of 12 minutes).

360 Synergy programme costs Dhs3,000 and includes a two-month membership at Smart Fitness gym, including classes. For more information visit Smart Fitnes, Cluster M, HDS Business Centre, JLT, (04) 4385055

Personal training one-on-one sessions at Smart Fitness cost Dhs3,000 for one person, Dhs5,000 for two, Dhs7,000 for three people. The price includes 10 sessions, unlimited use of the Smart Fitness gym and classes.