Whether a six-month anniversary or her birthday, showing the woman in your life you care is equally important to celebrate the occasion.

There are seemingly endless choices when it comes to the best gifts for women, something that those seeking gifts for their mum or wife may find daunting and overwhelming.

No matter the occasion, the impetus behind finding a thoughtful gift for the woman you love remains largely the same. You want to surprise them, delight them, and make sure your gift isn’t gathering dust in the back of a cupboard in a few months. When it comes to shopping for the leading ladies in your circle, the best gifts for women are more about making a thoughtful gesture than spending a ton. The key is to zero in on little ways to help her upgrade her life (yes, candles counts) and find the thing she wouldn’t be likely to buy herself, but will enhance her day-to-day.

Women deserve the world and it’s important to show them that you’ve put in the effort to find the ideal token of appreciation.

With the editor-approved selection of gifts, you won’t need a receipt for those additional trips to the mall or hassle of scheduling a return.

Swipe through our bumper gift guide on what to purchase to make your shopping experience a whole lot easier.

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