From “forest bathing” to mushroom coffee, here are the top health and wellbeing trends to try.

In 2016, we fell in love with bone broth, matcha, wearable fitness technology and even adult colouring books, but there are a host of new ways to get happy and healthy in 2017.

These are some of the ones we’re dying to try (and where to find them in the UAE).

Transcendental meditation

Meditation has already become a bit of a wellness buzzword thanks to beginner’s apps like Headspace, but it is about to get even dreamier in 2017 with the emergence of transcendental meditation. This involves sitting quietly for 20 minutes, twice a day, until you reach “pure consciousness”, and singer Katy Perry has recently been touting the stress-relieving benefits of the practice. Find a therapist in Dubai at

Black garlic

Caramel-y and with a savoury punch, black garlic has long been a staple in Korea, but it’s fast gaining popularity across the rest of the world thanks to its health benefits (it has nearly twice the antioxidants of fresh garlic). It’s made by heating regular garlic cloves slowly over several weeks until they caramelise to give a sweeter, gentler flavour (and no garlic breath – bonus!). Black garlic is available at Spinneys or online at

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Adaptogens – stress-fighting herbs and mushrooms – are having a moment in the wellness world, and the star of the show is undoubtedly ashwagandha. This is the supplement chlorella-popping health bunnies will be turning to this year to reduce stress and improve sleep quality. Order online at


Following on from our obsession with de-cluttering which spiked with Marie Kondo’s best-selling book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, smudging is the new way to cleanse your space. The ancient ceremony of burning sacred plants (sage is a fave) to combat stagnant or negative energy has been lauded by everyone from Vogue to Hollywood stars like Uma Thurman. Buy sage smudge sticks online at

Mushroom elixir

Bear with us on this one, but mushroom coffee is officially “a thing”. Health aficionados have taken to adding mushroom to their daily caffeine hit, claiming it packs a nutritional punch and provides a daily dose of stress-relieving minerals – minus the coffee jitters. Apparently the mushroom flavour is undetectable, too. Good news – Four Sigmatic, a leading company in the mushroom-coffee market, ships to the UAE. Order online at

Avocado oil

Move over coconut oil, avocado oil is the healthy cooking condiment du jour. It’s said to be great for lowering blood pressure and helping relieve arthritis and psoriasis. Drizzle it over your salad, over vegetables before roasting or drop a tablespoon into your smoothie. Available at

Forest bathing

The Japanese ritual of shinrin-yoku or forest bathing – essentially being among the trees – started in 1982, but three decades on, forest bathing clubs are popping up everywhere from San Francisco to New York. There are even spas, resorts, retreat centres, gardens and parks offering guided “forest bathing” tours. It’s a little like hiking, but with a healthy dose of mindfulness thrown in for good measure, and it’s all about reducing stress and boosting your wellbeing. We might be short of forests in the UAE, but it’s all about getting outdoors and experiencing nature. Try Abu Dhabi’s Wathba Wetland Reserve,

Floatation therapy

Following on from our obsession with meditation, floatation therapy is all about getting alone with your thoughts. And by alone we mean in an Epsom salt bath inside a dark pod without light or noise. Not convinced? Not only will it help you let go of mental anxiety but it can also ease muscle and joint pain. Try it in Abu Dhabi’s Point Zero Floatation Centre,

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Words: Aoife Stuart-Madge
Image: Getty