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You spend more time with your colleagues than with your friends, family and, in some cases, your spouse. But do you actually know the person that you spend 40+ hours per week sitting beside? From the serious to the downright ridiculous, it’s time to grab your desk buddy and get inside each other’s heads. 

1. What’s your star sign? The signs of the zodiac are believed to reveal a lot about a person’s talents, personality and choices.

2. Where were you born? Living in the UAE makes this question even more interesting, with such a mix of nationalities.

3. What did you want to be when you were little? Children can say the funniest things, but this reveals a lot about someone’s character.

4. Would you put your own life at risk to save a stranger? Or would they have to be a family member or friend?

5. Do you have a tattoo? A butterfly? A sun? A tribal design? Or something completely different?

6. Could you ever forgive infidelity? The boundaries of forgiveness vary greatly.

7. What’s your biggest fear? This has already caused a stir in EW HQ, with two of our team bonding over a shared fear of holes (we know…!).


8. Do you recycle?And while you’re at it, find out their views on global warming.

9. Do you agree with the death penalty? Nothing sparks a debate like criminal justice.

10. How many children do you want? If any.

11. Would you donate a kidney to anyone? Whether that be a stranger, a friend or a family member.

12. Who are you closest to? Find out who they share their biggest dreams and fears with.

13. Cats or dogs?We all know cat people are sensitive and dog people are cool…

14. What makes you smile? For us, it’s hitting deadline.

15. Do you believe there’s life on other planets?You’d be surprised how many people actually think they’ve seen aliens.

16. Which side of the bed do you sleep on? Apparently those who sleep on the left are happier and those who sleep on the right earn more.

17. Where is the most interesting place you’ve visited? Who did they go with? What happened? Why is it so special?

18. What came first, the chicken or the egg? Debating this will help you break down barriers. Google it afterwards, apparently there is a correct answer after all.

19. What’s your favourite book? Cult fiction = annoying, fan fiction = closet geek, chic lit = beach bunny… etc. etc.

20. What’s your party trick? Juggling scores extra points.


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