Type Succession and the term ‘quiet luxury’ will inevitably show up in your search.

While the billionaire club has always been silent with its sartorial approach, this Emmy-winning show has brought this phenomenon to centre stage.

In simple terms, quiet luxury is all about ditching the flashy logos, classic tailoring, premium quality and a palette that is as subtle as it can get. if you’ve followed the show, you know that the Roy siblings and even the patriarch of the family have a similar old-money style sense.

While people who’ve recently acquired wealth like to wear it on their sleeves (quite literally) the Roys come from generational money and their clothes don’t have to scream rich. Throughout the show, brands chosen for the main caste reflect stealth wealth.

Especially Shiv Roy, the only daughter of billionaire Logan Roy on Succession, always means business. Shiv, played by Sarah Snook, is in line for the throne and is competing with her brothers for the spot. Obviously, she dresses up for the part. Sarah’s wardrobe is the definition of elevated-chic — power suits, turtle necks, statement-making dresses and dainty jewellery from brands like The Row, Monse, Monique Lullier and Cartier can easily be found on her.

Besides these, labels like Max Mara Ralph Lauren, Brunello Cucinelli, Armani and Celine are some of the constants that you can spot throughout the seasons. While subtlety is a common denominator amongst all, there is nuanced individuality that can be found in the way each of these character is dressed by Michelle Matland.

Quiet luxury is all about understated minimalism. Succession may have further accelerated this ideology, but it is interesting to see people invest in quality and move towards buying key pieces as opposed to partaking in cyclical trends.

If you’re into the concept of quiet luxury but don’t know how exactly to execute it? We’ve got a list of 10 outfit ideas inspired Succession that you can bookmark and begin.

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