If you’re ready for a handbag upgrade – you’re in the right place for all the It Bags of 2024.

As fashion editors, we’re often overwhelmed by the sheer amount of newness that we’re bombarded with seasonally, hence we’ve narrowed it down to our favourite pieces that are no brainer.

Whilst there are the classics that only increase in value over time, you might be tempted by one of the new pieces on the block that we’re particularly excited about in 2024.

So what are some of the 2024 handbag trends?


Many designers this year have treated handbags as an extension of the jewellery category, showing gold and silver handles that resemble necklaces.

Raffia Magic

The concept of basket bags for spring is not groundbreaking, but woven accessories were more prevalent than ever in the spring/summer 2024 collections.

Go Rouge

Red has emerged as the shade of 2023, and it’s going nowhere this year, as dozens of noteworthy handbags were realised in fiery chilli and tomato shades.

Clutch Move

The best way to go hands-free in 2024, especially for an elegant occasion, will be with a sizeable clutch. Consider a convertible option so your clutch can be easily transformed into a different look with the simple addition of straps.


The bigger the better! The fits-your-whole-life-in a carry-on, is the perfect accessory to go from gym to desk during your work week. It’s extra fashion points the year for shoving the whole thing under your arm.

Also, with some of our favourite celebrity It-girls at the forefront of setting trends, their coveted arm candies are once again leading the way this year.

For your next premium purchase, we’ve delved into a curated gallery spotlighting the latest must-have bags. From chic classics to edgy statement pieces these lavish designs possess the ability to elevate any ensemble, showcasing the transformative power of a well-chosen accessory.

So, you can bet that an outfit-elevating handbag will never go out of style. Now keep swiping to see the nine new It bags that are set to become modern classics this year.

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