With more hours spent at home this season, there’s enough time to catch up on an array of TV shows and movies that are sure to enlighten you as you go back in time with a few of them.

Various broadcasters such as MBC Shahid, OSN and ADTV will showcase dramas and exclusive TV content that ideal for a large audience spanning across different categories.

From an unending guide of TV channels, it’s always better to follow a narrowed down list of what to stay tuned for whether the best dramas or entertainment programme. We’ve gathered a list of the 16 different shows to watch with your family, friends and loved ones this Ramadan.


Starring the Egyptian superstar Youssef el Sherif, a 15-episode series will stream highlighting a prediction of how this virus known to everyone will develop while keeping in line with the scientific element it features.

Streaming on MBC Shahid

Hijmah Murarda

While playing an undercover Egyptian intelligence officer, the stars attempt to disrupt the plans of foreign operatives who intend on causing disruption to Egypt’s economy and society.

Steaming on Emarat TV

Ala Safeeh Sakhin

This Syrian drama showcases the obstacles faced by immigrants as they’ve had an unsuccessful journey of immigrating to Germany highlighting the other challenges they’ve faced upon their return.

Streaming on ADTV

Al Ikhtiyar

Making a comeback with a new cast, this adrenaline-fueled show stars Egyptian actor Ahmed Mekky who’s a police officer but gets involved with an underworld group.

Streaming on MBC Shahid

Al Tawoos

This Egyptian thriller puts a focus on the societal harms inflicted by various social media sites as a lawyer gets involved in a case featuring a powerful and rich family.

Streaming on Sharjah TV

Kharief Al Oushaq


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Exploring the complicated issues faced in Syrian society, which is seen through the eyes of a couple from different backgrounds as they raise families in Syria whiles facing economic and political upheavals.

Streaming on OSN

Did Al Kassar


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Transcending from a victim to a strong woman with a dominant personality, Egypt’s Nelly Karim overcomes the issues she faced due to her husband’s acts.

Streaming on Dubai TV

Al Kandoush

Exploring the Damascene society in the early 20th century, this Syrian series was first announced in 2018.

Streaming on Sharjah TV

Mamnou Al Tajawol


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This series explores the society in the kingdom being affected by the pandemic with its own added elements of humor, created with the intention to showcase the capability of humans.

Streaming on MBC Shahid

Al Rouh Wa Al Rayya

Shedding light on a family tragedy, this Drama is the latest release by a Kuwaiti company Magic Lens which showcases how the eldest daughter steps up as the family faces a despicable plight by taking care of her siblings and grieving father.

Streaming on OSN

Matar Saif

Saad Al Faraj, the Kuwaiti star plays the role of a patriarch to a family struggling financially, making this the ideal Ramadan drama viewing while tackling various areas including family dynamics and other such instances.

Streaming on Sharjah TV

Al Namoos


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This ambitious drama highlights the pre and post-oil boom era in Kuwait further unleashing even more issues that brings back hidden secrets and unwarranted memories through time.

Streaming on OSN

Wa Anna Ahebak Ba’ad

Post the wedding phase is when all the issues start and this show is no different as it shows how ones troubles begin after, especially once the two really start to get to know each other.

Streaming on Sama Dubai


With a strong cast including Emirati Sultan Al Faraj, a man in his fifties is left with the responsibility of raising two daughters in Dubai’s City Walk.

Streaming on Abu Dhabi TV

Al Shara

This cultural game questions members of the public and celebrities on Emirati traditions, poetry, influence, figures and customs.

Streaming on Emarat TV

Ramadan, Dhalik Al Zaman

While rewinding back in time to the 1970s and 1980s, Sharjah residents are asked to share how they experienced life back then back in the day.

Streaming on Wousta TV from Al Dhaid

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