We’re in a nostalgic mood…

While a lot of us will have only seen the glitzy, glam, modern side of Dubai – there’s a bunch of us who have been here since the beginning. Back when Sheikh Zayed Road was practically a desert strip and the tallest building in town was the World Trade Centre.

So to get you all nostalgic, we’ve thrown together a list of things that only people who grew up in Dubai will know – from the coolest places in town to the best show on TV.

So this one’s for you – the originals, the veterans, those of you who have been here since the start. And for those of you who’ve only recently moved to the emirate, a glimpse into what the old Dubai was like.

1. Channel 33 was the only channel worth watching

Channel 33


2. Young Times magazine was the only reading material you needed

Young Times

3. Wednesday was the old Thursday


4. Encounter Zone at Wafi was THE coolest place

Encounter Zone

5. Dubai Shopping Festival was one of the best events of the year with the funfairs on Muraqqabat and Rigga as well as street parades


6. Deira City Centre was THE place to be

Deira City Centre

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7. The original Hard Rock Cafe was the coolest building in town

Hard Rock Cafe

8. Leisureland at Al Nasr was the best day out


9. Everyone had at least one memory at Safa Park

Safa Park

10. Captain Majid was the man

Captain Majid

11. Phone booth cards were a thing, and people collected them

Phone Cards

Photo: Facebook/I Grew Up In Dubai

 12. Sindbad tokens were more valuable than anything else


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13. Aladins were the best snack


14. Winning a free ice cream on an ice cream stick felt like winning Willy Wonka’s golden ticket

Ice Cream

15. Thunder Bowl was awesome on the weekends


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Words: Jack Rogers
Picture credits: Farooq Salik, Motivate Publishing, Getty, delcampe.net.