“We made a deal ages ago. Men, babies, it doesn’t matter…We’re soulmates.” – Samantha Jones, Sex and the City – dedicate this to the women you’re going to celebrate your Galentine’s Day with.

February 14 is almost insufferable if you’re single. The capitalist holiday will serve you Hallmark-induced products all through the month, making you look at your life at glass half empty.

This was until women decided they’ve had enough, and took the matters into their own hand (as per usual) – enters, Galentine’s Day.

What is Galentine’s Day and when is it celebrated?

Galentine’s Day is a day dedicated to celebrating female friendships, typically observed on February 13, the day before Valentine’s Day. It gained popularity through the TV show “Parks and Recreation” in 2010, where one of the characters, Leslie Knope, hosts a brunch for her female friends. It’s a day for women to appreciate and uplift each other, whether they’re single or in relationships.

Why is Galentine’s Day celebrated?

Galentine’s Day became significant because it tapped into the idea of celebrating platonic love and friendship among women. In a culture where Valentine’s Day often focuses on romantic relationships, this provides an opportunity to honor and appreciate the bonds between female friends. Its significance grew as more people embraced the idea of celebrating friendship alongside romantic love, making it a widely recognized occasion for women to come together, support each other, and have fun.

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