We love a good ‘Ludicrously capacious’ bag here. Teeny-tiny arm candies had their moment, but nothing beats the good-old oversized tote bags.

While the Gen-Z may disagree, giant tote bags are functional and also make a good style statment. Whether you’re going to work or a beach, a largely spacious bag will help you carry your essentials — all while complementing your outfit of the day.

The snide remark on HBO’s popular series ‘Succession’ has urged the people all the more to indulge in that big bag energy (we’re looking at you Tom). Since the episode aired, searches for the infamous Burberry tote bag mentioned in the show have risen upto 310%.

Besides the mixed opinion from TV’s current hottest show, fashion ‘it’ girls have also retreated back to their trusted tote bags. Model and Fwrd’s Creative Director Kendall Jenner loves a comfortably big bag while she’s running errands in her lilac Cadillac. Her best friend and beauty mogul Hailey Bieber also swears by her YSL Icare and the Prada raffia tote she shuffles between.

If you’re someone who is always on the go and doesn’t have the time or patience to constantly move around things from one its-bitsy bag to another — we’ve got a list of the best oversized bags you can buy from.