Sunglasses play a significant role in fashion by adding a stylish accessory to an outfit.

They can enhance one’s overall look, provide a sense of mystery, and even offer protection from the sun. The right pair of sunglasses can elevate an individual’s style and contribute to their personal image. In the world of celebrities, it also protects you from the shutterbugs at night.

Lately, designers and luxury brands have become equally experimental with their eyewear as they have with the other accessories. From the giant bumble bee frames to the winsheild resembling sunglasses, the imagination in this case is limitless.

While shopping for sunglasses, it’s pivotal to keep the shape of your face in mind. Don’t know which style pairs perfectly with which shape? Read our complete breakdown, along with the trendiest options to shop from.

Round Face
Look for angular or geometric frames to add definition. Wayfarer, rectangular, and cat-eye styles can work well.

Oval Face
You’re lucky! Most styles suit oval faces. Aviators, oversized, and square frames can enhance your look.

Square Face
Choose round or oval frames to soften strong angles. Aviators, round, and butterfly styles are great options.

Heart-shaped Face
Go for bottom-heavy frames to balance a wider forehead. Cat-eye, aviators, and round frames can complement your face shape.

Diamond Face
Select frames with gentle curves and distinctive brow lines.Wayfarer, oval, and cat-eye styles can flatter your features.

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 Images: Net-A-Porter and Feature image: Instagram @jrosiehw