It’s summer and we’re wanting to shine. Team Emirates Woman takes you through the best non-invasive treatments for full body satisfaction.


1. Ultrasound Cavitation

What is it: A non-surgical treatment that targets the body’s fat deposits. This treatment has been labelled the ‘fat melt’ as it eliminates stubborn fat on the body.

How it works: The therapist talks you through the treatment and discusses what areas you are most concerned with. The ultrasound light then pulses and targets the fatty areas for one hour. The ultrasound against the skin is completely pain-free.

Our verdict: This treatment is ideal if you have any cellulite or stubborn fatty areas that you really want to get rid of. After the first session I could see visible weight-loss, so I definitely recommend it if you are looking to kick-start your diet plan.

Dhs800, Rebecca Treston Aesthetics, Euromed Clinic Center Dubai, 04 394 5422.

2. Slimming & Firming Care

What is it: A detoxing body treatment that boosts the skin elasticity, improving the appearance of your skin and removing any unwanted cellulite. This treatment is amazing for sculpting your body and giving you firmer-looking skin.

How it works: The therapist used a hydra pen that slowly pulsed over my upper thighs to increase the natural collagen content. Then the therapist applied a hydrating serum to improve the appearance of marks on the skin.

Our verdict: This treatment gave both a detoxing and slimming feel to the body, making the appearance of any cellulite less visible. The results were good but it is recommended to have at least 10 sessions for ultimate results.

45 mins, Dhs375, NStyle at Mall of the Emirates, 04 341 3300. 


1. Oxygen Facial

What is it: A pre-event facial that brightens and deeply cleanses the skin. This facial has been endorsed by the likes of Kim Kardashian for its speedy effects.

How it works: There is an initial deep cleanse tailored to your specific skin type. Once the skin has been cleansed, a silver wand sprays out bursts of oxygen to the face. The feeling of oxygen hitting the skin is cold and tingly.

Our verdict: The skin is left feeling brighter, cleaner and evidently plumper. We would definitely recommend this for a special event or if you are run down and need a good boost and pick-me-up for the skin.

60 mins, Dhs850, Nova Clinic, 04 384 5666.

2. V-Tox Facial

What is it: This is an alternative to botox without going under the knife. It’s a Linda Meredith (the ‘queen of facials’) so it comes with lots of credentials.

How it works: A standard oxygen treatment is carried out and then the V-tox is added to specific areas that need to be treated, or a fine layer can be applied generally over your entire face and neck. The product is then infused into the skin by the steady flow of oxygen.

Our verdict: Needless to say, this is a super option to avoid the possible side effects of getting botox done. Fine lines are smoothed and your face feels firm.

75 minutes, Dhs1,000, Palazzo Versace, 04 556 8750. 

3. Anesi Aqua Peel

What is it: Fundamentally, this is a dead skin cell removal facial that gets pretty gritty. It re-texturises the skin to intensively improve the complexion and damaged pores.

How it works: You’ll be getting the full gamut of creams, exfoliation and more creams in this treatment. It’s a case of losing count of how many rounds of facial massages you get but the tingles suggest it’s working.

Our verdict: It felt like having 10 peels in one because it was so effective and the results were instant. The intermittent aqua element really helped sooth any stinging involved and gave our skin a bright finish.

45 minutes, Dhs420, all Tips & Toes branches,


1. Plexr

What is it: Ladies with under-eye bags unite! Plexr is an alternative procedure to invasive surgery that’s used to lift the eyes and remove unwanted features.

How it works: A laser-type instrument zaps at your fat bags and ionises the gas particles in the air between its tip and the skin to form plasma. The results are instant, as no heat is transferred to the surrounding area.

Our verdict: For the sleep-deprived or hereditarily unfortunate among you, this is a revolutionary procedure – but be warned, it takes up to two days for any swelling to disappear.

Performed by Dr Rory McGoldrick, POA, Euro Med Clinic, 04 394 5422.

2. Carboxy

What is it: This one’s for the perennial purple-eyed. It increases oxygenated blood-flow to the region injected and increases collagen formation in the skin.

How it works: By injecting a small amount of carbon dioxide gas into the affected areas, blood flow is increased and improved capillary networks are formed for longer lasting circulatory benefit. The bluish cast is replaced with a healthy pink tone.

Our verdict: The results last about six months, giving you an unwavering luminous look whether you’ve had one or 10 hours sleep.

10-15 minutes, Dhs350 per session, Cooper Dermatology & Dentistry Clinic, 04 346 6671.

3. De-stress Eye

What is it: Too many late nights and too many days by the pool in the scorching sun? This one’s for eyes that are worn out by way of life.

How it works: This eye treatment uses a natural fibre mask containing collagen fibre and gingko biloba to de-puff the delicate skin around your eyes, leaving it cool and soothed. It’s all done in a delicate and effective manner.

Our verdict: While the results, as good as they are in the first 24 hours, don’t last for months, this treatment can be the most essential pick-me-up for when you need a quick lift on confidence without breaking the bank.

30 mins, Dhs150, all Tips & Toes branches,


1. Hacial by Kerastase

What is it: It’s like a facial, but for your hair. This haircare therapy restores and rejuvenates hair while detoxifying and improving scalp condition.

How does it work: Kerastase’s key product, Soin Gommage Renovateur, is applied before shampoo to intensely exfoliate and detoxify the scalp and hair fibers. It removes product build-up and pollutants while nourishing the hair and scalp.

Our verdict: If you use a lot of hair products or suffer with a flaky scalp, this is the treatment for you. Your hair will be left silky smooth, lighter and de-stressed.

Dhs75, available at Pastels Salons,

2. Invati Fuller Thicker Hair Treatment by Aveda

What is it: A three-step system to instantly thicken thinning hair. The formula is made with a blend of 97 per cent naturally-derived ingredients.

How does it work: The three-step treatment includes a shampoo, conditioner and scalp revitaliser. The shampoo exfoliates and cleanses the scalp, the herbal conditioner thickens each hair strand and the scalp revitaliser thickens at the root.

Our verdict: A must for those suffering with damaged and limp hair.

431 Al Wasl Road, Galleria, (800) 28332.

3. Harklinikken

What is it: The kind of hair treatment that your bald patches will thank you for. This Danish brand is committed to restoring hair loss through a variety of programs.

How does it work: You can either go for a simple shampoo and hair mask or you can do a full, tailor-made program starting with an assessment, getting the right products for your hair and then following up in the clinic.

Our verdict: Their pH2 shampoo restores and improves hair texture (even damaged hair) – after one month of continued use, our hair feels more bountiful and thick.

Jumeirah Beach Road, Villa 347, Jumeirah 2, 04 385 5570.


1. Digital Smile Design

What is it: Not all of us are born with a perfect smile like Julia Roberts. Luckily for us, Dr Sofia Aravopoulou is one of the only dentists in Dubai to hold a Masters of Science in Lasers in Dentistry, and is our go-to for creating a truly natural smile. Whether you’re after a new set of pearly whites, hoping to correct a broken tooth, or a complete re-working of your smile, Sofia will design and create a collaborative bespoke treatment plan with you.

How it works: During the first consultation Sofia will listen as you detail your general concerns and outline your dream smile, before guiding you through the options and treatment plans tailor-made for you. After this initial consultation, your face will be photographed and videoed so the designed smile accurately fits into your face. At a follow-up appointment, you will have the chance to give your brand-new smile a test run before the final work is done. This also gives you a chance to tweak anything you are not happy with before the work begins.

Our verdict: Digital Smile Design creates a truly natural smile based on your face shape, using the finest porcelain veneers brand Emax, which also comes with a 10-year guarantee and certificate, highest quality materials and latest dentistry technology. Sofia’s work can be seen on her Instagram account, @sofiaslaserdent.

Euromed Clinic Center, Villa 611, Jumeirah Beach Road, 04 394 5422.

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