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The right brush can help transform your makeup. Here are some of the best in the business.

01. Complexion brush

Looking for a multi-faceted brush that will save you space in your makeup bag? If so, then the Hourglass Double-Ended Complexion Brush is an essential buy. The rounded tip can be used to apply your concealer, while the other end is perfect for foundation and blush. Double-Ended Complexion Brush Dhs219 Hourglass

02. Next Generation brush

There’s no denying Artis has managed to carve out their very own niche in the makeup brush game, with their unique designs and densely packed brush hairs, it makes for a flawless finish with your makeup every time. The Oval 10 brush is the crème de la crème of the brand, with over 250,000 velvet-soft brush filaments, along with its curved handle made from metal, the brush will apply your face products faultlessly. As an added bonus, the brush can also be used to apply your skincare. Next Generation Elite Mirror Oval 10 brush Dhs298 Arits Brush

03. Cheek brush

For the perfect blush or contour application, the Chantecaille Cheek Brush is a must-have in your kit. The tapered design of the bristles distributes products – both powder and liquid – in the most precise manner, meaning you’ll never go wrong in your beauty routine using this brush. Cheek brush Dhs199 Chantecaille



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04. Retractable Foundation Brush

Perfect for on the go, the Lilah B Retractable Foundation Brush is compact and easy to fit in your office makeup bag. Since the hypoallergenic and vegan brush is retractable and has its own lid, it’ll save your makeup bag from getting dirty, and also protect the bristles from any further bacteria that could be lingering about. A further top tip: this brush is specially designed to work with the brand’s ‘Flawless Finish Foundation’. Retractable Foundation Brush Dhs159 Lilah B

05. The Eyeshadow brush

Of course, Rihanna knows exactly how to create the perfect smokey eye, and she’s providing us with the tools to do so too. The Definition Eyeshadow Brush from Fenty Beauty blends shadows perfectly with its extra tapered point. Not only that, you can use it for highlighting the bridge of your nose, inner eye corners and your cupids bow, ensuring you capture a subtle glow all over your face. Precise Definition Eye Shadow brush 220 Dhs105 Fenty Beauty

06. The Concealer brush

If there’s one product you want a flawless finish, it’s your concealer. Not only does the cylinder shape of this brush allows for concealer to be perfectly blended, the tapered tip can also fit into tight areas, meaning absolutely everything will be concealed, especially those pesky under-eye circles. Tsutsu fude Dhs129 Shiseido


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07. The Eyeliner brush

Looking to create a sophisticated and statement smokey eye? This Charlotte Tilbury brush will allow the precise application of any shadow along your lash line for a bold look. While your eyes will be making a statement, your brush will be doing the same with the signature Charlotte Tilbury rose gold and night crimson look. Dhs82 Charlotte Tilbury

08. The Crease Brush

Whether you are after a subtle or stage-worthy drama look, this professional eyeshadow crease brush will define, contour and add dimension to the windows to your soul every time. Marc Jacobs Beauty Dhs132 Net-A-Porter

09. The Powder Brush

After all the hard work of putting on your makeup, you want to make sure your look stays in place, which is where powder comes in. Of course, you need the perfect powder brush to apply it. The Samer Khouzami powder brush allows for a light application of product, ensuring everything is set, but keeping everything natural and flawless simultaneously. Samer Khouzami compact Dhs155 Sephora


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10. The Soleil Bronzing Brush

Taking after traditional kabuki brush styles, this densely packed brush will ensure your bronzer gives you the perfect summer glow. Tom Ford Dhs257 Net-A-Porter

11. The Fluid Foundation Brush

This brush does what it says on the tin: allows you to perfectly apply your foundation with fluid and flexible motions thanks to its flat shape and tapered bristles. Top tip: use it to apply the product to curved areas of the face first, then use the flat side of the brush to blend everything using circular movements. Sisley Dhs170 Net-A-Porter

12. The Magic Complexion brush

Are you all about an airbrushed finish when it comes to your foundation? Then the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Complexion Brush is an essential in your kit. Just as it’s described as ‘magic’ in its name, the design allows for foundation to be buffed right into the skin, giving you a flawless finish. Dhs176 Charlotte Tilbury

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