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12 of Dubai’s most talented chefs reveal their hero summer dishes

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Dubai’s five-star chefs share their hero dishes for summer.

Raphael Duntoye, Chef Patron at LPM Restaurant & Bar

The Hero Dish


The Seafood Paella – one of 10 dishes that I created in celebration of LPM Dubai’s 10-year anniversary.

Howard Ko, Executive Chef at CÉ LA VI

The Hero Dish


Our Squid Ink Spaghetti is one dish everyone needs to try this summer. It includes shredded crab, shrimp, Korean chilli flakes, cherry tomatoes, parmesan cheese and crispy shallots.

Chef Giampietro Giuseppe, Head Chef of Scalini Dubai

The Hero Dish

During the hot summer days, I love to focus on citrus flavours and light, refreshing dishes. My hero dish would be the Artichoke Salad, it has a delicate and fragrant taste that invigorates the senses. A delicacy that Italians have enjoyed for centuries, artichokes have a tender texture and unique, unmistakable taste.

Chef Izu Ani, Concept Creator of Gaia and Carine

The Hero Dish


Summer is a time to celebrate the outdoors and soak in the beauty of nature. When the weather gets warmer, I love to focus on fresh seafood, balanced with citrus and light spices that enhance the natural flavours with an intense, invigorating taste. Our Harissa Prawns are tender and succulent dish, with a little kick and hint of spice.

Chef Shane Macneill, Head Chef of Shanghai Me

Shanghai ME Interior

The Hero Dish

My summer dish – or one of my summer dishes – has to have octopus. The reason being that after working for Giorgio Armani in Milan for 4 years I acted on my dreams and took the opportunity to take the position of Head Chef in Matsuhisa Mykonos, so I booked the one-way ticket not knowing what this adventure might bring and headed deeper into the Mediterranean basin.

Chef Mustafa Chhoury, Head Chef of Iris

The Hero Dish

You will find an abundance of mouthwatering Ceviche’s on our menu throughout the summer. Guests can choose from chilled tuna, scallops or seabass, cured in the acidic juices of citrus fruit and delicately combined with an array of vegetables or fruit and herbs to give contrasting textures, colors and flavors.

Our Tuna Watermelon Ceviche is the perfect refreshing dish for a warm summer evening. It is a tantalizing mix of fresh Yellow Fin Tuna from the Maldives, adorned with sweet and vibrant watermelon in a delicately spiced and zesty lemon sauce.

Nicholas Reina, Chef at Bella Restaurant & Lounge

The Hero Dish


Bella’s hero summer dish is a favourite with many of our guests already, Insalata Bella – the signature Bella Salad. This light yet flavourful, citrus salad is the perfect dish to enjoy in the summer.

Steven Nyugen, Chef at Indochine DIFC, Chef

The Hero Dish


The aptly named summer rolls are a perfect starter. It’s a fresh roll filled with fresh seasonal vegetables, vermicelli, and Vietnamese herbs. They’re not fried so they make a very nice light start to any meal.

My other go-to summertime dish would be our Sea Bream Carpaccio. It was based on the original Fluke carpaccio from the New York location. It’s light, refreshing and very addictive.

Mansour Memarian, Chef at Palazzo Versace Dubai

The Hero Dish

Salad Chupan is the ideal summer dish. Refreshing, colourful and requires only a few ingredients. The watermelon is quickly pan-seared to create a sweet and juicy crunch and placed aside a creamy homemade Persian cheese topped up with crunchy walnuts, candied olives and cress.

Ricardo Gonçalves, Head Chef at Bagatelle

The Hero Dish

Burrata au Melon which is comprised of compressed melons, wagyu coppa, toasted hazelnuts, cantaloupe dressing and basil.

Jakkrich Keeta, Chef at Thiptara, Palace Downtown

The Hero Dish


Our Mango Sticky Rice is a must-have for summer. It’s the ideal dessert to indulge in, but is also not too heavy during the warmer months.

Omar Basiony, Chef at LDC Kitchen + Coffee

The Hero Dish

The Strawberry Cheesecake Eton Mess consist of fresh berries tossed in sweet strawberry reduction, cheesecake mousse, hazelnut crumble and crispy meringue – a perfect summer dessert.

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