In the past wedding presents consisted of goods to help the loved up couple set up home. However, in more modern times this is no longer applicable with couples already cohabiting or having their own home set up. So what do you buy the couple that is about to get married? Neetu Ramchandani, co-founder of, offers some ideas… is an online gift registry service in UAE, here its founder Neetu Ramchandani shares her top 10 tips for selecting the perfect wedding gift for the bride and groom to be.

1. Shop the couple’s wedding registry

Most couples create their wedding registries somewhere and nearly 90 per cent of brides want you to select a gift from the registry. It is extremely convenient to pick a gift item from the registry for both the guest and the couple. However, even if you choose to buy something else, it’s always helpful to pay attention to the registry as it gives you an indication of what the couple’s preferences and tastes are.

2. Identify the couple’s personality

If they are an adventurous couple, it is always a good idea to buy them an experience such as a hot air balloon ride. For a romantic couple, treat them to a weekend getaway or a spa day. When in doubt, always choose something memorable and meaningful, which reflects the couple’s personality.

3. Gifting Art

Handmade gifts like paintings or a work of art is a form of emotion and sure to be cherished and remembered. It adds beauty to the house and we believe it adds something positive, rich and sweet to the couple’s life every day.

You can buy amazing, yet avoidable, art like this Matilda Temperley photograph on Lumitrix

You can buy amazing, yet avoidable, art like this Matilda Temperley photograph on Lumitrix

4. Don’t be hesitant in being creative

If you wish to gift the couple a set of crystal glasses, wrap it up as tea light holders. If you are considering gifting them a photo frame, include the couple’s photo or a photo session in it. This is sure to impress.

5. Everlasting gifts

Silver sets make fabulous gift ideas for any stylish and fashionable couple. They are timeless and chic and can be passed down to generations.

Silver flatware from Christofle

Silver flatware from Christofle

6. Know your budget

A gift is an expression of love and friendship which cannot be replaced with money. It is the thought behind the gift that counts and it is acceptable to set a budget and stick to it. Remember, the best gifts come from the heart, not the store.

7. Personalised gifts 

Personalised gifts are always treasured. A monogrammed luxury bath robe, towels and linens are our favourite ones. You can also consider customised engraving for example Bubbly (champagne) flutes or grape juice (wine) glasses to toast to the couples happily married life.

8. Group gifting

According to our survey three out of five couples said that their favourite gifts were big-value items that were pooled together by a group of friends, which they would not consider buying into or investing in. It is always a good idea for a few friends to get together and pick a gift that the couple otherwise would not buy for themselves.

9. Honeymoon registry

If the couple has set up a honeymoon registry, you can always consider upgrading them to a higher suite, or treating them to a grape stomping and tasting session or a similar experience, or arranging a romantic dinner with a bottle of bubbly. These are the experiences which will be remembered and cherished lifelong.

Perhaps club together with friends to pay for an incredible experience like dinner for two at the Peninsula in Paris

Perhaps club together with friends to pay for an incredible experience like dinner for two at the Peninsula in Paris

10. Consider giving cash or gift cards

In our society, it is still a taboo to ask for cash gifts directly. That is why, we, at help the couples to create their ‘Cashlist’ registry and share it with their guests in a stylish yet sophisticated manner. The guests may contribute towards the new home, travel, education, future family, etc.


Still stuck? Let help further. “We are here to help both, the couple and the guest,” adds Neetu, “to pick the perfect gift truly desired by the couple.”

Neetu and will also be taking part in The Dubai Bride Show, at the Dubai International Exhibition Centre, which runs from March 25- 28.


Main image: Tiffany & Co.