She’s the world’s most famous ‘momager,’ responsible for controlling her unruly brood of girls and (some boys) and bringing their careers to forefront of celebrity lifestyle. She’s head of the Kardashian/Jenner clan and not to mention one of the brains behind our favourite show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, she is the one and only, Kris Jenner.

Married twice with six beautiful children, Kris has successfully raised her family surrounded by cameras, endless dramas and scandals. To celebrate her 60th birthday (November 5) here’s 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Momager Kris Jenner.

1. She’s ordained for weddings

Just like Joey Tribbiani, our very own Kris is legally ordained to officiate weddings. She was the minister for her close friend and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, star Faye Resnick’s, wedding back in October that she hosted in her very own house in Calabasas.

2. She’s allergic to bees

Well, it turns out Kris isn’t a fan of the striped insects. According to US Magazine, she’s deathly allergic and carries at EpiPen with her in case she gets stung.

Kim Kardashian's Rise To Fame

Kris Jenner and her family pose for a promo shoot for Keeping Up With The Kardashians

3. She had a cancer scare

Her parents divorced when she was just seven, and a year after the separation Kris developed a cancerous bone tumour. Luckily, after surgery to remove the tumour, she was given the all-clear.

4. She was really good friends with O.J Simpson’s late wife

Her husband defended O.J Simpson in one of the most high-profile court cases of all time. An extremely tough time for Kris as Nicole Brown-Simpson was one of her closest friends. Admitting to E! news presenter, Giuliana Rancic, that it was one of the worst days of her life. Saying: “we shared a lot of life-changing moments together.”

kendall and Kris jenner

Kendall Jenner with her mum Kris Jenner

5. She got diabetes when pregnant with Kylie

On her sixth and final child, Kris discovered she had diabetes. She explains: “I got gestational diabetes and gained a whole bunch of weight and got really sick, and really sick after I gave birth to her.” She then decided no more kids…wise choice Kris!

6. She pitched the idea of KUWTK to Ryan Seacrest

She was told by family friends that her family were so hilarious they deserved their own show. So she contacted Ryan and 10 seasons later the show is still going strong.

kriss jenner paris haute couture

Kris Jenner wearing Chanel

7. She has her own cook book

In Oct 2014 Kris bought out her own cook book, entitled: ‘In the Kitchen with Kris: A Kollection of Kardashian and Jenner Family Recipes.’ Her 300 page-cookbook is some of her most treasured recipes she cooks for her ‘traditional sit-down dinners’ with her family.

8. She went on a date with Bruce Jenner three weeks after her first divorce

She admitted that her engagement to Bruce lasted all but “five minutes” before she married him. Talk about a whirlwind romance!

kris jenner kardasdhian

The momager

9. She founded a church

In 2009, Kris and her friend Pastor Brad Johnson founded the California Community Church in Agoura Hills. For a whopping US$1000, you can be a member too!

10. She has a matching tattoo to Khloe

Like mother like daughter. Kris got a matching tattoo on her lower back with help from family friend Nicole Richie, during what was only described as ‘a mid-life crisis’.