Where has the time gone, soon it will be November, which means even sooner it will be the festive season. So if you are planning on going away during the holidays you best book those flights quick.

If you are already on it and have started looking for flights you may be shocked to have seen some sky high prices, but fear not, there is a way to get better deals.


To compound further miseries, add hundreds of travel apps and websites; all promising to provide the cheapest of airfares. Sometimes, it actually becomes a difficult process to book flights, especially if air tickets are a main component of the holiday budget. However, by following a few steps, along with careful planning and research, one can surely get the best flight deals.

Here are 10 nifty steps to help you book the cheapest flight tickets and deals

Always use incognito mode or private browsing while looking for airfares.

The cookies enabled in browsers are traceable by travel websites, and they tend to increase the fares automatically for repeatedly searched routes and flights. Opting for incognito mode or private browsing provides you a clearer picture without keeping a track of searches.

Try the best flight search engines and comparison sites for the best airfare deals.

These websites search several travel portals and list the best airfare prices available for customers. Found a good deal? Now check it on the respective airlines site too, as you can cut out the middle man now and the extra costs.

Try booking with official airlines of your travel destination.

The official airlines offer great flight deals, promotional airfares, and all-inclusive holiday packages. Official airlines also have the best airfares and the maximum number of flights to your selected destinations.

Try local airlines and regional low-cost air carriers.

Low-cost air carriers are the newest trend in the aviation sector. The no-frill airfares and quick operation turnarounds have resulted in increasing popularity amongst air travellers. Local airlines also have good promotional fares to several destinations, while regional low-cost airlines have round-the-year competitive prices and plenty of flights.


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Register with travel portals for amazing promotional discounts and deals.

Popular travel portals continue to release attractive discounts on hotels, flights and holidays in every calendar year. Register for the official newsletters of various travel portals and keep a look out for air deals related to your destination.

Be flexible with your travel dates.

Airfares fluctuate on a daily basis based on several factors like demand, availability, special seasons, promotional airfares, etc. Flexibility in dates can help to pick up the best date with the lowest airfare for a particular destination.

Be flexible with travel timings as well.

Airfares continue to hover based on flight timings. Late night flights are always cheaper due to very few takers, while morning flights or evening flights have higher demands and pricing due to favourable travel timings.

Avoid peak tourism season.

This leads to higher demands for flights, hotels, and holiday packages and in-turn leads to a surge in pricing. However, by booking in advance, one can still get attractive deals even during peak seasons.

Avoid travelling to your destination during festivals or events.

Airfares are always high due to high demand during major festivals or events. Book in advance to avoid the surge in pricing during festivals and major events happening in your destination.

Opt for round-trips rather than one-way flights.

Combined flights booked together save money. What’s more, it also saves you the time and effort you spend in searching for return flights, following the same painstaking process.

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