Think you’re on-trend and super-style-savvy? Well, here’s you chance to find out. If the following applies to you then, yep, you sure are one fashionista. 

You transformed your spare bathroom into a walk-in closet and your oven is a shoe rack.

You think step class is walking up the escalators to your favourite shop. In fact, add some heavy shopping bags and you consider it a full-on cardio workout.

Even if you didn’t need them, you bought glasses as an accessory when they were ‘in’ – you know who you are.

You have your tailor and cobbler on your speed dial, ahead of your parents.

You would rather be the old woman that literally lives in a shoe, a la Carrie Bradshaw, rather than not have those latest Manolos.

In an event of a fire, your vintage Chanel would be one of the first things you rescue.

When asked to pose for an photo, you so know how to work it. You even have a signature look.

Your ultimate dream would be to have your own clothing line that debuts on the Oscars red carpet, why not, right?

When you saw Paris Hilton’s mansion-style walk-in wardrobe in The Bling Ring you didn’t think it was excessive. Instead she went up a notch in estimation (she’s now at notch one).

You would instantly give up your best friend’s deepest and darkest secrets if it meant you would get a front row seat next to Anna Wintour.

Gifs: Giphy.com