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If you are planning to have your wedding in an exotic location but haven’t decided where, why not consider something closer to home… say Dubai? If you’ve never thought about the glorious emirate as an option for your big day, here are 10 reasons why you should.

By far the most popular emirate within the UAE, Dubai has blossomed from its humble beginnings as a pearl-diving and fishing community into a bustling metropolis. New projects and developments are announced almost weekly, with a recent crowning achievement being the awarding of the city’s right to host EXPO 2020.

In spite of its amazing changes, Dubai still retains a unique Arabic charm that only adds to its attraction. Its traditional old world heritage combined with its exciting modern vibrancy makes it a spectacular venue for couples seeking a unique wedding experience. Here the team at Aghareed, a Dubai-based wedding concierge service, reveal 10 reasons why you should consider getting married in the glamorous emirate.


 1.   It is has the world’s tallest building

Standing at 830m tall, Burj Khalifa is the tallest man-made structure in the world. Its At the Top observation deck provides stunning views across the Dubai cityscape – a perfect accompanying experience to accentuate the magnitude of your occasion.

2.    It is home to Dubai Creek

The beautiful Dubai Creek that winds its way inland from the coast separates the two ‘old Dubai’ areas of Deira and Bur Dubai. As well as providing great opportunities for a relaxing cruise, the area is home to traditional textile and gold souqs that honour the city’s heritage. 

3.    It has fantastic winter weather

Dubai’s weather, in its cooler months, is perfect for an outdoor marriage ceremony. If you live in colder climes and want to escape the winter gloom for your special day, Dubai has countless options for fantastic al fresco festivities.

4.    It has one of the world’s best airlines and airports

 The multi-award winning Emirates is the largest airline in the Middle East, operating nearly 3,400 flights per week. From its hub at Dubai International Airport – winner of Best Airport in Middle East – the airline flies to more than 133 cities in 74 countries across six continents, making it the ideal carrier for your international wedding guests.

5.    You can shop until you drop

 Dubai is the shopping capital of the Middle East. Its numerous malls offer not only exceptional retail facilities, but also fantastic leisure amenities, as in the summer they become prime destinations to escape the heat. The annual Dubai Shopping Festival attracts about 3 million people each year, with the month-long event offering bargains galore, in-mall entertainment, raffles for luxury cars and a huge nightly fireworks display.

Dubai beach Crippa

6.    It has great beaches

 Dubai has a long stretch of coastline with great beaches, most of which are open to the public free of charge. Sunbathing and swimming are obviously popular activities, with the renowned Kite Beach being a great spot for spectators to watch kite surfers do their stuff… and perhaps even have a go themselves.

7.    It has a vibrant nightlife and entertainment scene 

Dubai has firmly established itself on the international entertainment circuit, with global superstar performers visiting the city throughout the year to put on major concerts. There are nightclubs for every taste in music, theatres, circus acts and shows. And with so many Michelin-starred dining options, you can eat like a king and queen every night. 

8.    It is extremely safe

Dubai has a reputation for being an extremely safe place to visit and has an enviably low crime rate of crime. You can walk almost anywhere in the city at any time of the night or day without fear of unwanted attention. If you forget your mobile phone, laptop or bag in a public place, it will most likely still be there when you return – that said, always take caution. 

9.    You can have your wedding ceremony according to your beliefs

Dubai is tolerant of all religions, so whether you are Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, or a follower of any other faith, you will be able to have the religious wedding of your choice. The emirate has several churches and Hindu temples alongside its many mosques that fill the air with enchanting calls to prayer throughout the day.

dubai dune bashing kadir

10. You can enjoy the beauty and thrills of the desert

Dubai is surrounded by desert – a landscape that offers spectacular scenery and thrilling activities. A popular pastime is dune bashing, which involves four-wheel-drive SUVs traversing the huge sand dunes that lie just outside the city limits. There are several companies that offer this exciting activity as part of a day excursion or overnight package, with the experience also including a traditional Bedouin meal, belly dancing performances, falconry displays and camel riding. Wedding guests will love it

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British-born couple, Tara Cornfield married Chris Jones, tied the knot on March 5 in a gorgeous beach setting at Rixos the Palm Dubai, with the stunning Dubai skyline as the backdrop. Tara reveals why she decided to get married in the emirate: “With family in both the UK and Australia, Dubai was the perfect middle ground, and the setting for me was just perfect – I always imagined getting married on the beach, barefoot and with an informal ceremony. We were lucky to find a hotel that provided that for us. In general, the hospitality service in the UAE is amazing with a high attention to detail, which made planning the wedding so much simpler. On the day the weather was just perfect, but that’s the thing in the UAE, you can pretty much guarantee no showers, making outdoor weddings ideal. Our guests loved bathing in the rays.”

Tara’s Top Tips For Those Getting Married In The UAE

  • Pinterest was amazing and gave me loads of inspiration. Sign up and start pinning ideas to create your own bespoke moodboard.
  • Personal touches are key. Try making your own decor if you can. I’m not the most creative person but with the help of Pinterest and visits to Satwa and Dragonmart it really did help, and save costs.
  • When it comes to wedding blooms, I suggest finding a smaller boutique florist. I was so happy with my florist (Garden Gate flowers near Safa Park) as they were so reasonable and their service was excellent.
  • Dubai is full of so many talented tailors so I definitely recommend getting your dress made. The quality and cost of material is so good, it’s easy to create a bespoke dress to your liking. Anne Rashid was amazing and one of the best in the region.
  • If planning to wed in the UAE, especially in a hotel (which I do recommend) put forward your requests and demands early on. We communicated regularly from the moment we signed the contract so they understood how we wanted the day to go. Don’t be shy to let them know what you want.
  • If you have guests travelling from overseas for the wedding, don’t arrange too much before the big day. Everyone is here to see you, you’re not a tourist guide and you should be relaxing on the week of the wedding. We organised a dinner the night before and a mani/pedi the day before with all the women. Other than that we let everyone enjoy the sights of Dubai themselves.



 Main image: Tara and Chris Jones on their wedding day