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Now that the 11th edition of the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature has come to an end, we can look back at some of the best book from the event. The festival brought together more than 175 of the most exciting writers, thinkers and doers of today. The nine-day event will welcome the likes of designer Alannah Hill, former communications director for Hillary Clinton and White House alumni Jennifer Palmieri, as well as Strictly Come Dancing judge and ballerina Darcey Bussell.

From fiction to self help books, there was something for everyone. Here are 10 must-read books from the festival:

Not Bad People – Brandy Scott


Brandy’s debut novel tells the story of what happens when three best friends engage in what seems to be a harmless act, but instead results in tragedy. This leads the women to confront buried resentments, shattering secrets, dark lies, and the moral consequences that could alter their lives forever.

Awkward – Ty Tashiro



In this book, psychologist and interpersonal relationship expert Ty Tashiro unpacks decades of research in the fields of psychology, neuroscience, and sociology to help us better understand Awkwardness and its origins. He considers how awkward people view our complex world and explains how they can more comfortably navigate it, and delivers a welcome, counterintuitive message: the same characteristics that make people socially clumsy can be harnessed to produce remarkable achievements.

How Women Rise – Sally Helgesen


To rise, you need to do less and delegate more. As you seek to rise to the next level — whether that means a new job, a challenging promotion, an entrepreneurial venture, or a whole new direction – you’ll find that the skills and approach that made you successful need to evolve. What got you here won’t necessarily get where you want to go. In fact, the very behaviours that have served you well in the past may be in your way. Leadership expert Sally Helgesen has trained thousands of high achievers to reach even greater heights.

From Twinkle, With Love – Sanhya Menon


Told through the letters Twinkle writes to her favorite female filmmakers, From Twinkle, with Love navigates big truths about friendship, family, and the unexpected places love can find you.

When I Wake Up – Jessica Jarlvi


When Anna, a much-loved teacher and mother of two, is left savagely beaten and in a coma, a police investigation is launched. News of the attack sends shock waves through her family and their small Swedish community. Anna seems to have had no enemies, so who wanted her dead? As loved-ones wait anxiously by her bedside, her husband Erik is determined to get to the bottom of the attack, and soon begins uncovering his wife’s secret life, and a small town riven with desire, betrayal and jealousy. As the list of suspects grows longer, it soon becomes clear that only one person can reveal the truth, and she’s lying silent in a hospital bed.

Why Social Media is Ruining Your Life –  Katherine Ormerod


Why Social Media is Ruining Your Life tackles head on the pressure cooker of comparison and unreachable levels of perfection that social media has created in our modern world. In this book, Katherine Ormerod meets the experts involved in curating, building and combating the most addictive digital force humankind has ever created. From global influencers – who collectively have over 10 million followers – to clinical psychologists, plastic surgeons and professors, Katherine uncovers how our relationship with social media has rewired our behavioural patterns, destroyed our confidence and shattered our attention spans.

The Wolf – Leo Carew


The Wolf is a thrilling, savagely visceral, politically nuanced, and unexpectedly wry exploration of power – and how far one will go to defend it. Violence and death have come to the land under the Northern Sky.

Good Morning Mr Mandela – Zelda La Grange


Zelda la Grange grew up in South Africa as a white Afrikaner who supported the rules of segregation. Yet just a few years after the end of Apartheid she would become a most trusted assistant to Nelson Mandela, growing to respect and cherish the man she had been taught was the enemy.

Early Riser – Jasper Fforde


Every Winter, the human population hibernates. During those bitterly cold four months, the nation is a snow-draped landscape of desolate loneliness, devoid of human activity. Well, not quite. Your name is Charlie Worthing and it’s your first season with the Winter Consuls, the committed but mildly unhinged group of misfits who are responsible for ensuring the hibernatory safe passage of the sleeping masses.

Gene Eating – Giles Yeo


The science of obesity and the truth about diets. This anti-diet diet book by a University of Cambridge geneticist debunks the myths about clean eating.

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