Content creators have the power to influence an audience with their fashion, beauty and lifestyle hacks. From being entrepreneurs to massing a huge following on Instagram, their work is always goes beyond the clock.

With prominent personalities on social media uploading content daily to inspire their audience, the UAE is no less with leading women in the industry who have constantly innovated by establishing their presence in the market.

From working with luxury brands to starting their own fashion companies, they’ve managed to influence their followers in a stylish manner.

Emirates Woman has gathered a list of the leading content creators in the industry, who have had an impact in some way or the other.

Karen Wazen Bakhazi

While being a mother, entrepreneur and digital influencer, Karen Wazen is originally from Lebanon and is now based in Dubai, while redefining the concept of the modern working mother. From reflecting her style at awards to amassing millions of followers on Instagram, Wazen has a loyal fan base as she’s also appeared on magazine covers, while also running her own eyewear company.

Rhea Jacobs


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With this makeup maverick constantly redefining the world of beauty, she’s managed to inspire women through her individualistic beauty, as she has also been an ambassador for Marc Jacobs Beauty. By believing in her dreams, she’s worked with some of the best talents in the region through her competitive social media circle, while constantly innovating with luxury-based content.

Dima Al Sheikhly


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With her note-worthy snaps circulating on social media, Dima Al Sheikhly has grown with a cult following as she continually inspires her followers from around the globe. From horse riding to showcasing her behind the scenes, she now works with big brands in the region ranging from Fendi, Laura Mercier, Charlotte Tilbury and Dior to name a few.

Ola Farahat


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Our cover star for May’s – ‘The Mindfulness Issue’ from 2020, Ola Farahat is a rare combination – educated, beautiful, incredibly down to earth and super stylish. With over one million followers on social media, is consistently seen in the latest trends, adding her own personal flair to every outfit. With pictures from her travels to showing her audience how she styles her looks, Ola seems to be on everyone’s radar with a bold sense of fashion.

Rania Fawaz


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Former EW cover star Rania Fawaz always has the power to make anything look good. From colourful ensembles embodying streetwear aesthetics to more monochrome sophisticated outfits, there’s nothing she can’t pull off.

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Salama Mohamed

From creating relatable TikToks to embarking on her journey of self-love, Salama Mohamed, shares everything from stories showcasing her manage to few minute skit pieces as she’s constantly innovating with new pieces of content as shares her individual experience while showing Emirati culture through her platform, as the duo continue to carve a niche for themselves in the region.

Haifa Beseisso

By being a global citizen on a mission, Haifa has travelled the world by influencing the lives of numerous women in the Middle East by inspiring them to follow their dreams. From her travel tales to documenting her adventures, Haifa reveals her passion for exploring the world as she outweighs the differences that allow her to grow overall, despite facing the challenges imposed with social media.

Mthayel Al Ali

This social media influencer has been very passionate about change, media and knowledge. While going beyond the conventions of society, she has made an understanding of media theories through her sense of art, design and photography as she has become an entrepreneur that uses social media with a purpose.

Nadya Hassan


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Dubai-based style icon, Nadya Hassan also known as Fierce Nay, has her legion of loyal followers as she continues to inspire her audience with looks that are beyond the norm. As this UAE-born maven took to Instagram to also reveal her exciting wedding news earlier last year, Nadya has cherished the world of fashion while gaining fame worldwide.

Mariam Yeya

Fashion designer, Mariam Yeya is the woman behind one of the region’s most buzzed-about fashion labels, Mrs. Keepa as she continually embodies her minimal aesthetic through all her looks including where she lives. From her extraordinary style quotient elements to documenting her travels, her fashion aesthetic is definitely some of the most sought-after in the region.

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Images: Instagram & Feature Image: Rania Fawaz, July’s The Summer Escape Issue 2020