Knit dresses are the ideal choice for this season as it effortlessly combines comfort and style. Whether you’re headed to the office or attending social events, a well-chosen form-flattering dress can be a versatile addition to your wardrobe.

Fall weather can be unpredictable, and knit dresses are excellent for layering. You can add tights, boots, cardigans, or jackets to adapt your outfit to changing temperatures.

How to style knit dresses for work?

Choose Classic Colours: Opt for neutral or muted tones like black, gray, or deep burgundy for a polished office look.
Add Structure: Belted knit dresses create a defined silhouette and a more formal appearance. Pair them with a tailored blazer for added sophistication.
Tights and Ankle Boots: As the weather cools down, wear opaque tights and ankle boots to keep your legs warm while maintaining a chic look.
Minimal Accessories: Keep jewelry and accessories understated for a professional look. A simple pendant necklace or stud earrings can enhance your outfit without being distracting.

How to style knit dresses for social events?

Play with Colours and Patterns: For social gatherings, embrace bold colors and patterns. Fall-inspired hues like mustard yellow, deep green, or rich plum can make a statement.
Layer with Statement Outerwear: Choose a statement coat or a leather jacket to add a trendy edge to your outfit. These layers can also provide warmth when you’re out in the evening.
Boots and Heels: Depending on the formality of the event, pair your knit dress with ankle boots for a casual look or high heels for a more glamorous appearance.
Accessories Galore: Feel free to accessorize with statement jewelry, scarves, and clutch bags to elevate your style for social events.

Planning to make knit dresses your go-to wardrobe staple this fall? Here’s our editor-approved list of styles you can pick from:

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