The exhibition is coming to both Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Art lovers in the UAE are probably feeling pretty special at the moment. The opening of the Louvre Abu Dhabi in November was a major milestone, and now there’s a travelling exhibition coming to the Emirates for three months.

You don’t have to be an art history buff to know the work of Vincent Van Gogh. The Dutch impressionist is probably one of the world’s most recognised artists, with works like Starry Night and Sunflowers standing out.

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While you’ve likely seen his major paintings before, you likely haven’t seen them like this. Van Gogh Alive projects the artist’s works onto the gallery’s walls, showing them at a larger scale and in stunning detail.


Set to classical music, the show includes a selection of Van Gogh’s most beloved works. It’s a bit of an immersive experience.

The show is spending six weeks in Abu Dhabi, from January 14 to February 26 at the Abu Dhabi National Theatre, before moving on to Dubai Design District from March 11 to April 23.

It’s a different experience to the typical gallery show, organisers say, adding that it might appeal to people who aren’t usually into art, and to younger members of the family.

We think it sounds incredible. Tickets are available through Platinum List, Virgin Megastores, and the Dubai Calendar app. For adults, it’s Dhs70 and kids up to 16 are Dhs65, as are ID-carrying students.

If nothing else, take it as an opportunity to reflect on how geniuses aren’t always appreciated in their time. Van Gogh only sold one painting while he was alive.

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