Have you ever used a jade roller?

We’re huge fans of UAE-based skincare brand Shiffa. With clean formulas that actually work, they’re one of those companies where you try one thing and then want the whole range.

One thing we didn’t realise, though, is that one of their biggest sellers doesn’t come in a bottle or a tube.

Instead, it’s a jade roller, used for at-home facial massage.

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Speaking to Women’s Wear Daily, Shiffa founder Dr Lamees Hamdan said that her brand’s version of the ancient Chinese tool has sold out three times through US retailer Nordstrom since January.

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With regular use, jade rollers are said to help with circulation, lymphatic drainage, skin tone, and elasticity – all the good stuff, really.

Hamdan tells WWD that she was moved to start selling the rollers when clients kept asking where they could buy “the thing you used on me at the end.”

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While they’ve now become a global skincare trend, Hamdan was ahead of the curve. She attributes the tool’s popularity to its ease of use.

“You don’t necessarily need a degree in lymphatic massage to figure it out,” she tells WWD. 

“Clients have gone back to basics, they realise there’s benefits to lymphatic drainage massage.”

According to Shiffa’s website, jade is also associated with healing, purity and tranquility, so if you’re into that, there’s a me-time, self-care element to it too.

If nothing else, it’ll encourage a bit of blood flow to your face and help your products absorb properly. That can only be a good thing.

You can get the Shiffa jade roller on their website.

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