Suffering from the Dubai problem of thinning locks? Well, that’s what this new range hopes to fix.

It’s something that many of us living in the UAE have suffered with – a serious deflation of strands.

And like you, we’ve tried hair loss shampoo after hair loss shampoo to counteract the damage, with little to no success.

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However one beauty brand says its latest launch is a game-changer.


Sisley Paris, the company behind that Black Rose Cream Mask that you see in every beauty editor and celebrity’s bathroom cabinet, has recently unveiled its first foray into haircare.

And, as you’d expect from a business that specialises in skincare, skin is at the heart of its approach – specifically that of your scalp.

“Sisley’s laboratories have worked for several years to formulate these haircare products in perfect accordance with our philosophy that promotes skin respect, and therefore by extension, a total respect of the scalp,” Jose Ginestar, head of Sisley Research and Development Laboratories, tells Emirates Woman.

“It was crucial to offer the best quality of care for the hair as we do for the skin. Beauty and biology of hair and skin have many similarities; we have thus extended our skin care expertise to hair care in a global approach of scalp care and hair care.”

The Hair Rituel range, which comprises six products so far, is targeted towards all kinds of hair – “thin or thick, natural, bleached or dyed,” says Ginestar – and is sulfate-free (so yes, safe for those of you who get chemical straightening).

“We use a selection of the gentlest ingredients to preserve the beauty of mature, devitalised, weakened and dried hair.”


The entire range, which launched in Dubai at Harvey Nichols and Bloomingdale’s on April 16, is formulated with plant-based active ingredients, Ginestar added.

“The products have a pH close to natural hair and scalp pH values, that’s why they are so soft and well tolerated,” he says.

“This optimal pH is slightly acidic and has an astringent effect on the hair, thus closing the cuticle and helping to counteract the dull veil dropped by hard water.”

The Hair Rituel range encompasses two shampoos, the Revitalizing Smoothing Shampoo (Dhs285) and Revitalizing Volumising Shampoo (Dhs285), the Regenerating Hair Care Mask (Dhs355), the Restructuring Conditioner (Dhs260) and the Precious Hair Care Oil (Dhs380).

The line’s hero product, however, is the Revitalising Scalp Fortifying Serum (Dhs710), a three-month treatment packed with minerals, vitamins and proteins that Sisley says is its most technical hair care offering.

Designed to make the hair stronger and denser, Ginestar says the 60ml serum (which is applied every other day for a month, then twice a week for two months) was tested in a medical centre on patients suffering from hair loss.

sisley hair

“After three months (and even six weeks for some), all 60 patients included with chronic diffuse hair loss showed signs of slowing hair loss and maintaining hair density,” he says.

While the range, which is also available at Ounass, might help tackle Dubai’s effect on our locks, Ginestar also had some other tips for women experiencing hair loss.

“It is important to have a good sleep cycle and a diversified diet rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants,” he says. “Foods which contain sulfur like meat, eggs, garlic or cabbage are also interesting.

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“Good hair hygiene is also essential: use soft and gentle hair products which are suitable for your scalp and fibres, and limit aggressive treatments like hair dyes.”

With summer fast approaching (and the frizz it usually brings with it), we’re definitely heeding that advice.

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