Kris Jenner Reveals Her Secret To Success While In Dubai

Kris Jenner Reveals Her Secret To Success While In Dubai

It seems the key to being successful in business is ruthlessness. Something we witnessed first hand when we tried to interview Kris Jenner ahead of the launch of her Legacy Business School.

An interview with Kris Jenner is not something that comes around very often, so when given the opportunity it’s something any journalist would pounce on. And we did, with gusto. What did we learn? Well, after having our interview rescheduled three times, and then cancelled altogether by the company looking after her in Dubai, we’re fairly sure a ruthless streak is an essential part of being a busy businesswoman.

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Perhaps that’s something entrepreneur Kris would’ve told us had we had the opportunity to interview her, and that’s the thing. For all our frustration at not being able to properly interview the matriarch of the Kardashian-Jenners, from what little we did see we were mightily impressed.

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Kris Jenner Legacy Beauty School Dubai

Kris Jenner was in Dubai to launch her Legacy Business School

Author, talk show host, executive producer of Keeping Up With The Kardashians and the chairperson of the new Dubai Legacy Business School, Kris is someone to admire. No mater what preconceptions you may have of the Kardashian clan, their success was not by chance or luck; it was hard work and incredible business acumen, as Kris made perfectly clear…

Here’s what we learned from Kris Jenner in Dubai:

On separating being momanager and mom…

Khloe is great helping me set boundaries. She will come to me for advice and be like: ‘Now you are my mum,’ or, ‘Now you are my manager.’ She is good at helping separate the two.

On having a film crew follow her life…

People don’t know how much work goes into working in reality [TV]. You have to be authentic and really let it all hang out. [With my family] there’s so many of us… so you get emotionally involved.

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On looking fabulous at 60…

Haha, it’s stress working in reverse. I love beauty treatments, facials, massages and working out.

On the work/life balance…

Treat yourself to something special that’s what it’s all about when you get on this treadmill called work. Work hard but play hard, and relax.

On being being  proud of her work…

I’m so satisfied when I go to sleep at night. I surround myself with people that are motivated and have drive. My kids are so driven.

Kim Kardashian's Rise To Fame

Kim Kardashian and her family for a promo shoot for Keeping Up With The Kardashians

On her multiple enterprises…

Work has opened my eyes to a whole new world – art and cooking… I like learning.

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On her key to success…

Do things you love and find a way to build a business around it.

On social media and business…

I think it’s important. Kim is like the queen of social media and she teaches all of us. It’s good to have a fan base relationship.

kris jenner

Kris is also a famous author, writing an autobiography and this cookery book

On special guests at Dubai’s Legacy Business School…

My daughters might do guest lectures at Legacy, that is possible.

On her best life/work advice…

You will live a happier life if you have a passion and a purpose.


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   April 16, 2016