Oh  no, it’s actually happened. While we unfortunately saw it coming we’re still shocked at the news that Kim Kardashian has knocked Beyonce off her throne.

Queen Bey is the queen no more as reality TV star Kim Kardashian has toppled the (now) pop princess on the social media front. That’s right, selfie addict Mrs Kanye West has just edged past Beyonce by gaining more than 44 million followers on Instagram.

Kim Kardashian Beyonce Instagram

Kim knows how to spot a good photo opportunity

It may seem trivial to some but garnering a large social media following can make the difference in the world of celebrity. It can be the difference between longevity and 15-seconds of fame.

Kim Kardashian has impressively hit 44,005,604 followers while, Beyonce lags behind at 43,935,64. The reason it is so impressive? To many the voluptuous beauty is just a reality TV star, however in reality (no pun intended) she has cleverly made herself a brand. Heck, she successfully released, and made a small fortune from, her book Selfie, which, as you may have guessed, is filled with her selfie images. This lady knows how to market herself. Along with the book deals the entrepreneur runs a boutique with her sisters DASH and she even has a video game – Kim Kardashian: Hollywood.

Kim Kardashian Beyonce Instagram

Kim Kardashian also has the power of the Kardashian Jenners behind her

Add to this the prestige of getting on the cover of not one but four (including international versions) Vogue covers and you can see how her star has soared.

She seems to have come a long way from those ‘video’ days. Even her friendship with Beyonce has improved. If tabloid rumours were to be believed, their relationship came to a frosty start back when Kanye West first introduced Kardashian to the singer and her husband Jay-Z.  So, we’re not sure how this new news will go down.

Kim Kardashian Beyonce Instagram

Beyonce and Kim Kardashian both post personal imagery on Instagram but Kim is more frequent

According to Tech Insider the reason for Kim overshadowing Beyonce on Instagram is down to her techniques– “Both Kim and Bey post photos of themselves and their families (especially their cute daughters North and Blue Ivy, respectively) but there are two key differences. First, Kim posts much more frequently, and second, she includes lengthier and more personal captions.”

Looks like it’s time to up your game Queen Bey.

Kim Kardashian Beyonce Instagram

The Selfie Queen

Kim Kardashian Beyonce Instagram

Kim Kardashian’s beauty tutorials have also helped her drive numbers on Instagram

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Kim Kardashian Beyonce Instagram

Beyonce with daughter Blue, sporting matching swimsuits

Kim Kardashian Beyonce Instagram

A typical fun-loving Bey


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