Want Victoria’s Secret Angel abs but don’t have time for long and laborious gym sessions? Fear not, beauty blogger Huda Kattan reveals how you can achieve the ab-tastic look in less than a minute.

We know what you’re thinking. It’s impossible. It can’t be done. Well, we thought the same until we saw the evidence. Beauty blogger and contour queen Huda Kattan took to social media once again to reveal how with a few simple tricks, and the right products, you have what appears to be a toned tummy.

Her secret? It’s all in the contouring. While Huda is renowned for perfecting the make-up technique that makes you look like you have cheek bones that are as razor-sharp as a chef’s knife, she has now adapted her approach making it work on the stomach.

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With impressive and realistic results, there’s no doubt that waist contouring will be the new beauty trend for 2016, especially with the crop top still reigning high on the fashion radar.


The Dubai-based vlogger shared her new skills with her 10 million-plus followers on Instagram with a 15 second video on social media. Also dubbed tummy tuck contouring, Huda uses just three products to perfect the defined look – a highlighter, blending brush and soem bronzing powder.

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Huda advises: “I always like to draw a line that is pretty defined, then blend it in towards your abs. You want to make sure that the blending is flawless, so you can spend a little time there.”

Huda Kattan blog contour

Huda Kattan certainly doesn’t need to contour her abs

The beauty expert insists for the best look it’s important to keep the colour light. However she doesn’t just stop at her stomach. Huda insists contouring can be done on your legs as well as your décolleté.

While we are all about keeping fit and being healthy we can’t help but admire Huda Kattan’s body contouring techniques – great for a quick-fix!

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