We all love a bit of social media in the UAE – and in honour of the Holy Month of Ramadan, Facebook, Twitter and Periscope have integrated Ramadan-focused emojis and status update options.

Facebook have released an update to include a check-in option for those of us celebrating the Holy Month.

So, how does it work? Well on Facebook simply go to the status update bar, click on the smiley face option and it will bring up a list of options to share to your status update about how you’re feeling.

Facebook Ramadan

Clicking on ‘More…’ will bring up another list of options which aren’t included in the regular choices.


Facebook Ramadan

Underneath the ‘Sending birthday wishes to Pharrell Williams’ option, there’s another reason to be happy, with the option to share to your Facebook friends that you’re ‘Observing Ramadan’.

Facebook Ramadan

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A little further down you’ll also find the ‘Thanking God’ option which may also come in handy throughout the Holy Month.

Facebook Ramadan

Facebook aren’t the only social media platform integrating Ramadan-specific updates though.

On Twitter, users who hashtag their posts with those seen in the below video will see the emoji of the crescent moon alongside a mosque pop up on their tweets.

Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan herself was seen using #Ramadan.

Facebook Ramadan

For live-streaming app Periscope, users who add the Ramadan-focused hashtags, that can be seen in the picture below, will see the ‘love’ given to their broadcast by viewers show up as hearts with a crescent moon.

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Emojis aside, Twitter can be used to get daily reminders for Iftar and Imsak timings. By following and tweeting @Alarabiya_Live with #امساكية and #cityname, users will receive a reply shortly after with the timings for that day.

#RamadanKareem to tall our friends

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