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This Is Why You Should Wear A Hijab For One Day Next Month By Jack Rogers

February 1 marks the fifth incarnation of World Hijab Day, an occasion that invites non-Muslim and non-hijabi Muslim women across the globe to wear a headscarf for a day.

Book Before They’re Too Busy: 9 Restaurants To Try For Valentine’s Day By Jack Rogers

Because we all know how well a card bought at the petrol station at lunchtime goes down…


Need A Midweek Pick-Me-Up? Here Are Five Must-Try Ladies’ Nights By Jack Rogers

We all need to blow off some steam sometimes, even if it means yawning all through the next day at work.

This Is The Heartwarming Moment Sheikh Mohammed Met One Of His Biggest Fans By Jack Rogers

She’d always dreamt of meeting the royal – and luckily her daughter was able to turn that dream into a reality.

Want To Travel Like A Business Class Passenger Without The Ticket? Well… By Jack Rogers

Don’t let the hefty ticket prices stop you, because Emirates have announced that passengers can now pay for access to their lounges at Dubai International Airport.

People Of Istanbul Band Together To Save Strays From Snowstorm By Jack Rogers

If any story will warm even the iciest of hearts, it’s this one.

Our Picks: 7 Things To Do In The UAE This Weekend By Jack Rogers

It’s a whole new year! Which means you should be making the most of it with day-and-night brunches, artisanal markets, tasty gluten-free menus and more.

You Might Soon Be Able To Freeze Your Embryos In The UAE By Jack Rogers

Fertility treatment looks like it’s about to get a shakeup in the country…

Our 15 Favourite Social Media Posts From Sheikh Mohammed By Jack Rogers

He’s just hit a huge 15 million followers, so what better way to celebrate?

There’s A Very Good Reason Why You Should Ditch Your Car Next Month By Jack Rogers

If you care about the local environment, you’ll want to take public transport on February 5.

Our 18 Favourite Sheikh Mohammed Quotes From This Year By Jack Rogers

“Behind every great community stand great women, leading each generation and raising our nation higher.”

You Could Be Fined Dhs500 If You Don’t Have This By The End Of The Month By Jack Rogers

Starting January 1, 2017, Dubai residents who do not have the mandatory health insurance will face a fine of Dhs500 a month.

21 Incredible Photographs Of The UAE From 2016 By Jack Rogers

The United Arab Emirates, you’re a real beauty. Here are our favourite images of the country we call home from the last 12 months.

Are You Brave Enough To Swim With Sharks On An Underwater Scooter? By Jack Rogers

If cage diving isn’t extreme enough, you can now get up close with the sharks at Dubai Aquarium on a motorised, personal, mini-submarine.