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‘Women have to work much harder than men,’ says this Palestinian director By Guest Writer

Director Annemarie Jacir talks Palestine, tradition and identity ahead of the Middle East premiere of her new film, Wajib.

The moments that changed our lives forever: 3 women share inspiring tales By Guest Writer

“I thought, what’s the worst thing that could happen if I start something on my own? It doesn’t work? Fine, I’ll go back to what I was doing.”


Why this Dubai swimwear label needs to be on your style radar… By Guest Writer

When two friends couldn’t find swimsuits they loved to surf in, they decided to design their own — and made sure to recycle the material from the sea.

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Hind Abdul Hamied Seddiqi talks horology, style and female timepieces.

From shopping to snacking: Everything you need to know about Dubai Design Week By Guest Writer

Rue Kothari, the festival’s director, takes us behind-the-scenes at d3 to discover the ideas that are redefining the city. 

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FYI, you’re going to want all of these cruelty and animal-free treats.

10 Dubai ladies’ nights that’ll also give you a good feed By Guest Writer

Here, you’ll get drinks and a dinner deal.

Under her influence: Dana Hourani on standing out and staying true By Guest Writer

“You have to be so adamant and so stubborn about who you are, no matter who’s going to get upset at you.”

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From Hard Rock Cafe to Aladin snacks and Sindbad coins, this will make you nostalgic.

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Stop the search, here are the most spectacular venues in the region (with one to suit each kind of occasion).

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From third-trimester massages to organic mani-pedis, these three options are worth your dirhams.

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Whether you want to #chill, #splash or #spa, these jaw-dropping venues will set your feed on fire.