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It Looks Like You Can Now Make WhatsApp Calls In The UAE… By Emma Day

However we don’t know how long this will last for.

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Many are seeing his rise to successor as a signal of change in the kingdom.


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We’re going to be making the most of it with the last suhoors of Ramadan, pool parties, fireworks and super sales.

Sheikha Lubna: ‘We Take Pride In The Diversity Of Faiths In The UAE’ By Emma Day

The Minister of State for Tolerance celebrates a recent Abu Dhabi mosque renaming in this must-read open letter.

Halima Aden Makes History As This US Magazine’s First Hijabi Cover Star By Emma Day

The model also opened up about how her headscarf protects her against body shaming in an insightful interview.

This Crystal Heiress’ Dubai-Made Wedding Dress Cost A Whopping Dhs3.6 Million By Emma Day

Encrusted with 500,000 gemstones, the couture creation also weighed in at a staggering 46 kilograms.

Celine Dion Keeps Continuing Her Love Affair With Lebanese Labels By Emma Day

The Canadian superstar often turns to Middle Eastern designers when it comes to her stage wardrobe…

Six Ways To Beat The Heat Over The Scorching Eid Weekend By Emma Day

Because you don’t just want to hide inside your apartment for four days straight…

Flying Taxis Will Be Coming To Dubai This Year (Yes, Really) By Emma Day

The city’s skies could soon look like something out of The Jetsons when this trial kicks off…

14 Of The Most Heartwarming Snaps Taken During Ramadan… By Emma Day

Because sometimes we all need a little reminder of just how thoughtful us humans can be.

This Is How Early You Should Arrive At DXB This Weekend By Emma Day

The airport is set to welcome more than 100,000 passengers through one terminal alone…

King Abdullah Helps Extinguish A Fire Raging Near The Royal Palace By Emma Day

The Jordanian ruler pitched in to quell the blaze in a clip that’s taken social media by storm.

These Arab Designers Are Dominating This Particular Red Carpet… By Emma Day

Two Lebanese labels are having a moment at the Shanghai Film Festival.

This Baby Born On A Flight From Saudi Will Get Free Trips For Life By Emma Day

One baby has already qualified for quite the frequent fliers programme – before he’s even one week old.