If you’re in need of some beauty tips, there’s really no one better to ask than TV presenter and fashion and makeup guru Sara Murad.

So it’s no wonder that French beauty brand NUXE came knocking when they needed to find their Middle East ambassador.

The Saudi-born beauty, who resides in Dubai, is a noted influencer who “personifies the more natural approach to skincare for Arab women”, NUXE said.

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To celebrate her appointment, Emirates Woman hosted a breakfast at Nadi Al Qouz gallery with a select group of invitees.


But don’t worry if you didn’t grab a space – we had our cameras on hand to give you a sneak peek (plus, scroll down for some of Murad’s top tips):

Here are a few choice bits of advice from our one-on-one with Murad:

1. On what beauty tips she’ll give her daughter: “Focus on drinking a lot of water for your skin and hair, and never ever sleep with your makeup on.”
2. “It’s never to early to use hydration creams and skincare – I started when I was 13.”
3. “I started using anti-ageing products around age 25 – you want to prevent, you don’t want to wait until the lines are there.”
4. “I wash my face twice a day, morning and night, and then use a morning treatment and a detox treatment at night.”
5. Her go-to product before a big event is NUXE’s White Brightening Perfecting Mask.
6. Her favourite base? NUXE’s DD Cream.
7. Her makeup pin-ups are the girls you see at international fashion weeks, who wear just a little eyeliner and mascara, rather than lots of contouring.
8. When it comes to working out, “running after my daughter keeps me fit”, but she also enjoys diving, swimming, walking and jogging.
9. She tries to eat well with lots of vegetables and protein, but every Friday she eats whatever she wants.
10. “Whatever cream you use for your face, make sure you use it on your neck too. You have to massage your face and neck too, that’s very important. Massage upwards and tap under your eyes.”

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