Incorporating your headscarf into your costume doesn’t have to be hard, as these ladies prove…

As far as subcultures go, cosplay – AKA costume play – seems to be going from strength to strength.

After the portmanteau was created back in the ’80s for those who like to dress up as their favourite characters from script or screen, the concept has grown to include dedicated conventions and competitions.

But what if your chosen character doesn’t quite fit with your everyday needs?

That’s the conundrum facing some hijabis, who have to find a way to build their headscarf into their costume of choice.

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However it’s not all that hard, as many women over the last few months have proved.

So, whether you’re into role-playing events or you just need some fancy-dress inspiration, we’ve pulled together some of the best hijabi cosplays we’ve seen in recent times…

This Malaysian makeup artist produces such stunning results that she’s amassed more than 360,000 Instagram followers thanks to her otherworldly transformations. Her take on Disney’s Cinderella is particularly impressive thanks to some artful pinning.

We also couldn’t resist her take on Japanese manga star Sailor Moon.

A red-hued headscarf turns this player into Toy Story‘s Jessie.

We’ve seen a few hijabi Maleficents on Instagram, but this version wins with its little hit of sparkle.

A twisted ‘do creates an instant Princess Leia.

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This lady also uses lashings of blue ribbons to create the perfect Princess Jasmine.

Choosing a steampunk theme gives you plenty of options to weave in that hijab.

You can also have some fun with medieval hoods and helmets.

This take on Rosie the Riveter is exceptional.

Got a Roman-themed get-together lined up? Here’s your costume sorted.

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Image: Instagram